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Bigger than Bath? Weston – Beyond Banksy

Start Date: 15/11/2016 19:30

The Blakehay, Wadham Street BS23 1JZ

Town Centre Regeneration Update

Start Date: 13/12/2016 19:30

The Blakehay, Wadham Street

The Weston-super-Mare Civic Society, set up in 1973, aims to preserve and develop the best in the town and district. It believes that change should be guided to serve the community’s interests, with new development of high quality and in keeping with the local character

The society believes that local planning should promote sustainable development


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Bigger than Bath - Weston beyond Banksy
The Blakehay, Wadham Street
BS23 1JZ
Tuesday 15th November - 7.30pm

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The Civic Society 2016 Awards Announced

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The Work of the Society

A regular part of our work is to monitor planning applications and respond to public consultations on the Local and Structure Plans.  We aim to support development that will enhance the character and prosperity of the town.

The Civic Society successfully opposed plans for major development on the Italian Gardens in High Street and proposals to demolish the Old General Hospital in the Boulevard.  We maintain a general interest in the street scene, the design of new buildings, conservation areas, the traffic system and local amenities.

The Society has produced a range of publications designed to celebrate the heritage of the town and the surrounding countryside.

We have supported many local initiatives including the establishment of the Blakehay Arts Centre.

Our Town

WESTON-SUPER-MARE first began to attract visitors over 200 years ago.  During the Victorian period it grew into a town of quality and character.  We have a fine heritage of handsome buildings, parks and gardens, as attractive coastline, and beautiful countryside.  There is much of interest and value to protect.

Practical Projects

The society undertakes practical projects in the town.  We have planted hundreds of tress, built walls and pillars and installed railings at Grove Park; repaired park shelters, converted the old windmill tower at Uphill into an observatory.

For over 20 years the Society ran a Heritage Centre in a converted building in Wadham Street.

What was the Society Saying in the Past?

30 years ago  the Society was applauding the Town Scheme launched by the then Woodspring District Council to provide up to 40% of the cost to repair damage caused to buildings in Ellenborough Crescent.  Much of the damage having been cause by owners who have painted the Bath stone.  Such painting still goes on today guaranteeing problems for the future!  Concern was expressed that the promise of a new road into Weston relieving a congested Locking Road would be a long time coming although the associated planning agreement for an expansion of housing would take place in the meanwhile. There were suggestions that the “greatest single blot on the landscape in Weston” (The Technical College) should be demolished at some time in the future. Who could have envisaged how Weston College has flourished and is now refurbishing the Winter Gardens?

20 years ago an article was published reviewing the national scene and the co-operation of civic societies across the country through the Civic Trust and its National Council.  The trust has now been replaced by Civic Voice. The need for regeneration and local activities were explored.An interesting small article on Sand Bay reflected on how it was returning to its more natural look after an ill-advised “beach nourishment” scheme following the floods of 1981.

10 years ago concerns were expressed following the preliminary drillings for the proposed new sea defences and major concerns on how the eventual outcome would look.  The pessimistic view thankfully never happened and we have ended up with a huge success with revamped promenade.  There was no support for the renewed interest in the Severn Barrage.  There was a reprint of the Town Trail which can be found on this website under Information.

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