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During 2016 in monitoring the planning applications and objections have been raised agains the following:                                         

The proposed change of use from guesthouse to House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) with eleven bedrooms and shared facilities at 49 Walliscote Road, Weston-super-Mare.  The address fell within an Area of Restricted Subdivision. CONSENT REFUSED AND APPEAL DISMISSED
Conversion and extension of 2 Ashcombe Park Road, Weston-super-Mare existing dwelling into three flats which included an external staircase.CONSENT REFUSED
Erection of of a dwelling in the rear garden of 125 Milton Road, Weston-super-Mare which backed directly on to the pavement in Ashdene Road. APPLICATION WITHDRAWN
To allow a development in the rear garden of 15 Southside there would be the need to demolish a significant portion of the stone wall at the front of the property.  A previous application was made in 2010 and was rejected. The Society considers nothing significant has changed to warrant approve on this occasion. APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

The conversion of a former Estate Agency at 3 Boulevard into flats was not considered appropriate for this road. However if the application was approved then it should be such that it be returned to its Victorian design as far as possible. APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

The proposed demolition of existing buildings of the Linton Hotel in Maderia Road and the erection of a new building to create 48 self contained flats and ancillary accommodation was considered to be an overdevelopment of the site and no allowance had been made for any car parking. CONSENT REFUSED

The proposal to replace the existing advertisment on the Regent with an illuminated version with a clock was opposed,  The Regent is in a conservation  and under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007 this iss forbidden. CONSENT GRANTED

The Centre, opposite the Town Hall, has been brightening up and  teh Art Deco origins have been reinforced. As the original design comprises of recessed entrances to the residential above and splayed entrances to the retail units below an objection was made to the proposal to the alteration to existing shopfront to relocate the entrance door from the side to the middle. The proposed introduction of an opening directly onto the street undermines the building’s original design intent and current architectural status and as such would set a very unwelcome precedent. CONSENT GRANTED

A comment was made on the plans to convert the Raglan Arms public house in Upper Church Road into 5 flats. However, it was considered a shame that residential use was proposed for the existing commercial street shop front.The proposal was thought to be over intensive. CONSENT GRANTED

An objection was made to the conversion of 3 bedroom dwelling at 3 Hatfield Road into two 2 bed flats. The proposed elevated side entrance would be visually intrusive and detract from the plain stone gable end and a strong objection was made to the proposed removal of the stone boundary wall and garden to provide car parking. CONSENT REFUSED

A comment was made regarding the application for 1-3 Alexandra Parade, the former Bristol and West Building Society branch, to construction of a new third floor and with a change the use of existing second floor from an office to create 4 flats. In principle the application it was supported as it was thought that the increased in building height would enhance the visual containment of the adjacent shopping area towards the sea front and the Big Lamp Corner open space. Disappointment was expressed at the quality of the design of the proposed third floor as it did not appear to acknowledge the modernistic aesthetic of the existing building. CONSENT GRANTED

A comment was made on the revised plans for the Winter Gardens in that the new roof configuration was worse than the original, which was was the subject of our adverse comment. 

An objection was made to the proposed erection of single storey first floor extension above a block of four garages and the conversion of two of the garages to living space in Coombe Road. The introduction of a residential use at first floor level completely ignored the now established building line and in doing so compromised the privacy of the residences on the opposite side of the street and its overbearing presence would have completely disrupted the visual order of the street. The intrusive nature of the proposal, within the Boulevard/Montpelier Conservation Area, was further increased by the totally inappropriate choice of materials. CONSENT REFUSED

Finally in December an objection was submitted against the ill-considered application for 60 Bristol Road to demolish the existing Victorian villa and replace it by three blocks containing 16 flats made up of 12 two bedroom flats, 2 one bedroom basement flats and 2 penthouse flats. APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

During 2016 in monitoring the planning applications support has been given to the following:

The conversion of a redundant industrial building i.e. the fomer print works in Gloucester Streetand,into what appear to be quality town houses with parking is a big improvement and is real regeneration of tehn Town Centre in line with the council’s Prospectus for Change. CONSENT GRANTED

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