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The Planning sub group made a very detailed response to the North Somerset Council’s “Prospectus for Change”. It was commented that a similar exercise was undertaken previously and in July 2009 the Weston-super-Mare Town Centre Area Action Plan was published for consultation.  The concern was expressed that it is always possible to have ideas but equally there needs to be realism in understanding how they can be implemented.

Overall the Civic Society supported the vision for the town but was concerned that its delivery will be difficult due the funding that will be required for the proposed changes.  Also of concern was the lack of incentive for outside investors to make the commitment due to the current lack of spending power of a significant proportion of the local population.

In addition during 2015 submissions have been made on the individual planning applications for the following:

  • Support for the restoration work at Wyndham, 15 Claremont Crescent to bring it back to its formal glory.
  • Objection to changing 16A Waterloo Street into a Take Away on the basis that the town already has many of this type of shops and that it was not good for public health considerations.
  • The proposed change from the Houston Group for changing a used car lot on Milton Road into a new dental laboratory and training centre was supported. However a request was made for an improved visual aspect for the air conditioning units when seen from the adjacent Ashcombe Park. 
  • The proposal for the changes to the Winter Gardens for Weston College’s new Law and Professional Services Academy was supported but a request was made to improve the look of the various equipment that was to be installed on the roof.  North Somerset Council then made a request to the architect to review this aspect.
  • An objection was made to the retrospective application by Complete Entertainment Exchange in the High Street to improve the look of the shop front the as the gaudy graphics were not considered to be in keeping with the “Quality” objective the council were aiming for in the Town Centre Regeneration.  Also such graphics were not used on the supporting information in another of their franchised shops.- CONSENT GRANTED


Also during 2015 

  • A letter was written to the Weston Mercury about the Beach Huts following a statement attributed to a North Somerset spokesman that “views will not be affected” and “the initative will raise revenue”.
  • Following publication of the Heads of Terms for the Winter Gardens takeover by Weston College a letter was written over concerns of the possible implications of the land that was for the use as car parking/ landscaping/access.  Our concerns over possible loss of the lily ponds were lessened when I response we were told “The Council would echo your views that his is an important feature and part of the historic context of the building and therefore should be incorporated into the surrounds of the refurbished building.”
  • In late 2015 it was spotted that the installation of additional posts at Big Lamp Corner had been carried out with the use of a bituminous mixture rather than insertion through holes cut in the paving stones as originally done. This downgraded the appearance of the area from what had been a quality installation. This was brought to the attention of NSC and action was been promised to rectify the situation.

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